Terms and Conditions

Event Ticket Protector offered and underwritten by Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company (Canadian Branch)

Event Ticket Protector* offers you greater peace of mind with an Event Ticket purchase by insuring you against unforeseen circumstances. If a traffic accident, medical issues, mechanical breakdown, jury duty, or other covered reason prevents you from attending the event, 100% of the ticket price including taxes, shipping charges, service charges and facility fees shown on the invoice or ticket is returned to you, up to a benefit maximum of $1,000.

    With Event Ticket Protector, you can rest assured that your financial loss will be covered if you can't attend an event for any of the below reasons:

  • Illness or Serious Injury – preventing you or an event companion from being able to use the event ticket, or if a family member is hospitalized or requires care by you
  • Traffic Accidents – which could prevent you from getting to an event
  • Mechanical breakdown – if your car breaks down within 48 hours prior to the event
  • Airline Delay – if your plane is delayed (includes bad weather) while going to the event
  • Home Issues – if your home is uninhabitable due to fire, flood, vandalism, burglary or natural disasters
  • Employer Termination – providing protection against a lay-off
  • Jury Duty – if you are required to serve on jury duty after having purchased an event ticket
  • Work Relocation – if you are relocated by your company over 160 kilometers from your home
  • Military Duty – if you are required to miss an event as a result of military orders
  • Death – if you, an event companion, or immediate family member passes away

Certain pre-existing conditions may not be covered. Please see the full Policy of Insurance for a full listing of requirements and exceptions.

When to Use this Insurance:
Event Ticket Protector* was designed with the specific needs of event ticket purchasers in mind. This insurance provides coverage for non-refundable event ticket costs, including any applicable service fees and shipping costs, up to $1,000, if you have to cancel your event for a covered reason.

Event Ticket Protector does not offer coverage for cancellation due to a personal change of plans. Please click on the Policy of Insurance link below for full details.

Satisfaction Guarantee:
Within 10 days of purchasing the Event Ticket Protector, Allianz Global Assistance (Administrator) will process a full refund of premium to you, as long as you have not already attended your event or filed a claim. No refunds shall be paid to you after 10 days of purchasing the product, or after the published date of the ticketed event.

For questions regarding coverage, please contact Allianz Global Assistance at 866-520-8837 or by email at eventservice@allianz-assistance.ca. Complete details regarding all of the benefits described here will be emailed to you upon completion of the insurance purchase.

Certificate of Insurance/Policy (requires Adobe Acrobat).

*Please refer to the Policy of Insurance for conditions, limitations and exclusions that may apply.

Insurance coverage is provided under a Policy of Insurance issued by Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company (Canadian Branch).